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Get yourself a great looking website

YARE (pronounced yeah) is an exciting new package designed to take the confusion out of getting a website for your organisation. YARE has a simple pricing structure so there are no surprises on the project invoice. Website owners can update their own site and avoiding expensive ongoing content update costs.

Forget the code, focus on the content

Web projects can often disappear into a 'technological realm' of programming and code speak. YARE removes the jargon, letting you focus on the content. Your site can be updated through most modern web browsers (like Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox) with a simple and intuitive interface. To make sure you can use YARE we've built a comprehensive online guide for users and provide a disc with a quick start guide.

One site doesn't fit all

The really special feature of YARE is the ability for website owners to customise and upgrade their sites. New template designs and extra features like a blog or search engine can be added to the package. These upgrades aren't necessary for every site so the basic package offers everything we think a good website needs... and at a basic price.

Get YARE now

YARE packages are available now. Call our sales centre on +64 04 920 2208 or email us to make a purchase or to find out more.