100% kiwi


The key advantages of this package are:

You know what you are going to get and how much it will cost

The price includes a complete package suitable for a commercial website including domain name, basic design around your brand, hosting and email accounts. Pretty much everything you need to set up and edit your site is included.

Ongoing update costs are reduced - you update the website yourself

Often the cost of editing or updating content is as expensive as the initial website build. Many companies charge in the region of $140/ hour to update content on a website, making changes very expensive over the course of a year. With this system you will be able to login to the website and make any required changes yourself, no additional software purchases are needed. If you decide that you'd rather have the YARE team update your website content support can be provided on an hourly basis.

Your website will look good and be functional

Your website will be designed with your customers in mind, the site will be usable and simple enough to get across your key messages without confusion. Your site can contain images to illustrate your products and services and will be created with these as the focus.

You will be able to upgrade

The CMS that runs your website has many add-ons and extra features. If required you can buy more file space, more pages or even add features like a blog, search engine, shopping cart and photo gallery to your website package. These extra services will attract extra costs but these will be reasonable and often far cheaper than building these services from scratch.

You will be able to grow your website as your business grows

When your business has reached the point of needing a fully customised look and functionality you will be able to move your current content or build on your plan. Customisation of the websites features, a new look, or even a whole new CMS based website can be created for you. Our team have experience with larger complicated websites and can provide advice on growing your site to meet your business aims.

You will be able to access website user guides

You'll have access to an online user guide for your website, this will answer most of the day-to-day questions about your website. You will be able to access paid support during New Zealand working hours.

You will be able to access more media services

In addition to websites the YARE team can help you produce video and audio productions. If required you will be able to access these services for your TV, Expo or Video-for-Web needs. in essence YARE can become a one-stop shop for your mixed-media needs.

Tax advantages

Your website can be a depreciable asset, check with your accountant for more details.